Pallet storage rack

Selective pallet racking – is the most flexible and popular pallet storage rack used in the material handling industry. Selective rack is manufactured to meet all RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) standards and the roll-formed steel construction provides great ease of use, durability, and safety.
Beam-to-Frame construction creates the most firm and dependable racking available.
Easy beam installation with no special tools or training.
Innovative Interlock system provides protection against damage, tampering, and accidental displacement.
Also available in a medium-duty racking structural steel channel construction.
Cantilever rack – is often used for storing different types of long, bulky material such as furniture, bar stock, appliances, lumber pipe, variable sized boxes, long metal parts, carpet or vinyl flooring.  The advantages of cantilever rack include:
Strength and ruggedness for multilevel storage at any desired height without loading interference from uprights.
A pin locking systemwith no bolts or loose parts providing the strongest, safest arm locking method available.
Adjustable arms on 3” vertical centers enable to make quick changes to the pallet rack.