Economical pallet racking

A safety bracket attached to the load beams of a pallet racking for preventing pallets from being pushed off the rear end of the rack. The bracket has a base, a back extending upwardly to form a stop for the pallet, and a front having an aperture to allow insertion of a load beam through the aperture of the bracket. The base of the bracket rests on a load beam of the rack.
This invention generally relates to safety devices which are installed onto pallet racking system and the like. More particularly, this invention relates to an improved pallet rack having a safety bracket that is easily and quickly attached to the pallet rack and which is used as a safety barrier to prevent pallets from being pushed off the pallet rack.
Pallet rack system provides a primary storage support structure in large warehousing, storage and distribution facilities. In such warehousing operations, fork lifts or other vehicles are commonly employed to load or remove loaded pallets from the pallet racks. Large retailing operations have also recently employed pallet racks to both store and display products in the retail showroom. As the size of the facilities has increased and the direct access of the public to pallet racks systems has increased, the damage potential due to accidental droppage or improper loading of the pallet racks has also escalated.
The foregoing discussion should not be construed as an admission that such devices and/or patents are either relevant or material to the present invention. Rather, these patents relate generally only to the field of the invention and are discussed herein as constituting the closest art of which the inventor is aware. Moreover, these devices are generally expensive to implement and cannot easily be incorporated to existing pallet racks or else are not suitable for the task. Therefore, until now a need remained for a safer and at the same time more economical pallet racking.